Vera boasts about a night on the town she's had with another man called Harry. Elsie realises that all her clothes have been ruined. She tells Len what happened but refuses to contact the Police. Vera tries to get Jack to take her out but he doesn't want to be seen out with her. She plans another night with Harry and tells Jack that she's seeing Ivy. Elsie is disgusted with herself and sick of everything. Fred and Eunice shop for a wedding ring. He buys her one for £89. Eddie's friend lets him down with the minibus for Fred's stag night. He looks around for another car to take to London. Alf agrees to be Fred's best man. Fred discovers that The Crown and Kettle has been given a new landlord and the pub isn't his. Jack finds out about Vera and Harry and throws her out. She dumps herself on Ivy and Bert.


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