Bert is horrified to find Vera sleeping on the sofa. Annie assures Fred that he and Eunice can stay with her as long as they need to. Elsie's insurance company tells her that she can't claim if she hasn't contacted the Police. She is frightened of the newspaper headlines and refuses. She just wants to get things back to normal. Bet and Len are forced to tell the residents that Elsie has had vandals at No.11 when Hilda starts snooping. Eunice feels that the wedding ought to be postponed until they've got a pub. She doesn't want to start her married life living with Annie. Jim Sedgewick is furious when Elsie takes more time off and sacks her. She feels it's the last straw. Fred is told that the Shipwright's Arms is coming up. He is horrified as it's a rough docker's pub. Len threatens to summon Linda Cheveski if Elsie doesn't agree to go and stay with her. Elsie talks to Linda and arranges a visit. Hilda touches Elsie by giving her some clothes. Vera refuses to return to Jack and she can't stay with Harry as he's married. Bert and Ivy tell her to beg Jack to take her back but she refuses. Eddie organises Fred's stag night and plans to include a stripper. Ken tells Albert that Deirdre has agreed to marry him and has gone to tell Blanche.


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