Eunice doesn't care about the stripper - just that Fred took her home. Fred's bed hasn't been slept in. Bert and Ivy start bickering at each other over Vera. Eunice searches for Fred. He turns up half an hour before the service, having spent the night on Sugar's husband's floor. Ivy phones Jack and tells him that Vera is with her and wants to return to him. She begs him to make the first move. Fred tells Eunice that he saw Sugar off to protect their chances of getting a pub of their own. She thinks he did the right thing. Ken finds it difficult to tell Albert that he and Deirdre won't be living with him. Fred and Eunice are married at Weatherfield Register Office. Sid Clarke - Eunice's father, Alf and Debbie Nuttall - Eunice's daughter - are witnesses. Jack dumps all of Vera's clothes in the backyard at No.5. After the wedding, the wedding party stop at three pubs before arriving at the Rovers. Annie lays on a wedding breakfast for the guests. Sid's crudeness upsets Annie. Fred and Eunice leave for Rhyl. Albert is looking forward to having a child around the house. He is upset when Ken tells him that they won't be living with him.


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