Beattie Pearson arrives. She congratulates Ken on his engagement but doesn't think much of Deirdre as she's divorced. The Gees return from honeymoon. Eunice starts bossing Fred around and makes herself at home in the Rovers. Beattie looks through Albert's Post Office account. Albert complains to her that she hasn't seen him for six months. The Jacksons and Tilsleys have a picnic. Colin flirts with Gail but Brian thinks he's harmless. Albert accuses Beattie of wanting something. She tells him she wants to know what arrangements Ken has made for him. Eunice starts to take over the Rovers and Annie doesn't like it. Beattie accuses Ken of abandoning Albert. He suggests she takes him in but she says she hasn't the room. Knowing Brian is at work, Colin calls on Gail. He makes a pass at her, telling her he fancies her. She says she doesn't fancy him and slaps his face when he comes on strong.


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