Stan returned at 3.00am. Hilda refuses to believe he spent the whole evening at the Legion. Stan and Eddie say that there was a snooker tournament on. Annie writes Fred a glowing reference to Richard Cresswell. Elsie returns from Birmingham. Legion steward Ernie Sadler agrees to swear there wasn't a stag night on to please Eddie and Stan. Rita hears that Gladys Turnbull's daughter is expecting an unwanted baby. John Ridley interviews the Gees. Fred is very uncomfortable trying to sell himself. John tells them that there will be vacancies very shortly. Hilda overhears Ernie asking after Stan's wife, "Freda" and grows suspicious. She discovers the new barmaid at the Legion is called Freda. George Newton recognises Eunice by her maiden name. Eddie swears to Hilda that they went to the Sports and Social Club when she accuses Stan of spending the night with Freda from the Legion. Rita visits Mrs Turnbull and tells her she'll take Sandra's baby when it's born. Len tells her that she must be mad.


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