Elsie is run off her feet at the cafe as Alma Sedgewick is so lazy. Deirdre tells Ken that she'd like another child. Maurice Dodds starts work at the Rovers. Fred goes to the brewery and is told that Eunice is a thief. She accuses Fred of wanting to believe she was guilty. She swears her innocence and tells him that it's up to him to believe what he wants to. Deirdre doesn't know what to do with Tracy whilst they honeymoon. When Frank Pritchard rings the Rovers, Fred tells him to look for another job. Eddie offers to sell Maurice's paintings for him. Maurice tells him that he's welcome to try. Annie tells Fred he had no right to put Pritchard off. Ken books a honeymoon in Corfu but they don't want to take Tracy with them. Elsie walks out of the cafe, sick of being a dogsbody as Alma skives off all the time. Fred tells Eunice he believes that she was innocent. Annie tells the Gees that Pritchard will be moving in as potman. She is going away for a week and wants them to have left the pub by her return.


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