Episode 2114
Episode 2114
Production code P694/1114
ITV transmission date 6th July 1981 (Monday)
Stories by Peter Tonkinson
Esther Rose
Writer Barry Hill
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Charles Kitchen
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 1st July 1981
Next episode 8th July 1981


Stan refuses to work his round as his back causes him pain when he climbs the ladder. Annie agrees to exhibiting Maurice's paintings in the Rovers. Bet tells Eunice that Fred was suspended for drinking from the optics. Ken is delighted when Susan agrees to be a bridesmaid. Eunice tells Fred his suspension was just as bad as her sacking. She calls him a hypocrite. He tells her that he's had enough of married life. Eunice suggests they move back in with her dad but Fred refuses. Eddie tries to sell Maurice's paintings but no one is interested. Deirdre asks Emily if she'd look after Tracy during the honeymoon. Emily is delighted but realises that she'll have to cancel her London trip. Eddie gives Stan an extending window sponge so he can clean first floor windows. Stan tells him that he's a genius. Ken agrees to having another child. Mavis admires Maurice's paintings. She tells him that she envies his talent. He sells her a picture for £5. He encourages her to paint and offers to help her.


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