Fred stays with Eunice at Sid's house. Susan considers getting a hotel holiday job. Blanche organises a hen party for Deirdre. Fred works at the Rovers under sufferance. Betty advises him to be gracious and let Annie feel obligated to him. Mavis worries about posing for Maurice Dodds. Fred gives the Rover a special polish to please Annie. The effect is spoilt when Annie sees him talking to Eunice in the car. She takes the car keys off Fred causing him to tell her that he's finished. She warns him that if he doesn't serve notice she will black him at the brewery. Eunice tells Fred to pamper to Annie in order to get a good reference from her. Ken has his stag night at the Rovers. Eddie entertains on his accordion. Maurice guesses that Mavis doesn't want to pose. She feels that she's letting him down and is upset when he says goodbye to her. Hilda does her Carmen Miranda impersonation at Deirdre's hen night. Mike and Ken get drunk together on the stag night. Annie writes to Frank Pritchard asking him to start work in a week.


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