The brewery starts a "Mr and Mrs" competition to encourage couples to drink together. Emily decides to drop the idea of the Community Centre flat because of the risk of vandals. Fred and Eunice are upset that Emily isn't leaving No.3. Alf refuses to let the Corner Shop flat to the Gees as he needs it for a new assistant. Fred tells him that Eunice will work in the shop but Alf isn't keen. Tracy is upset that she's missed her first day at school. Annie searches for a compere for the competition but no one is interested. Bet agrees to compere it herself. Alf puts Fred and Eunice down as caretakers at the Community Centre to get them off his back. Albert gives Emily the runaround. Mike tells Ivy that the business is going through a bad patch which could result in a three-day week. He tells her to keep the news to herself. Annie is annoyed when no one wants to enter the competition. She fears the reputation of the Rovers will be ruined.


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