Tracy starts at Bessie Street School. Bert is ashamed at the prospect of being stigmatised a fraud and a cheat. He doesn't want Brian to find out. When Tom Elliott talks to Len, he refuses to confirm that he employed Bert. Audrey visits Gail with a bruised face. She tells her that she bumped into a cupboard. Tracy is upset at school as she's called "Langton" whilst Deirdre and Ken are "Barlow". Ivy asks Ken not to tell Elliott about paying Bert for decorating. Ken and Deirdre decide to change Tracy's name to Barlow. Ken tells Deirdre that they should inform Ray Langton. Audrey tells Gail that her boyfriend Tony Ditchburn has been hitting her. She's left him and wants to give him chance to calm down. She is sure he'll come after her as she's still got the car he bought her. The Tilsleys agree to put her up. Bert tells Ivy it was she who stopped him declaring his earnings and it's her fault that he's being investigated.


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