The Tilsleys try to tell Audrey that she's not welcome, she tells them that she's planning to move out. Frankie motors up to see Mike with his girlfriend Sylvie Hicks. Mike is amazed that he is so affluent. Elsie takes Audrey in for a few days, sympathetic with her cause. Mike is amazed when Sylvie turns out to be a glamorous twenty-year old. Tony Ditchburn turns up at the Tilsleys' house looking for Audrey. Brian tells him to keep his fists to himself. Fred and Alf are sick to discover business is booming for Frankie. Sylvie makes Frankie feel good. At the filling station Brian helps a girl, Michelle Fenton, fill her car with petrol. Whilst she keeps him occupied Ronnie Burgess goes through the till. Brian sees him and tries to stop him. Ronnie threatens him with a screwdriver but Brian overpowers him and smashes him into a wall. The girl escapes and Brian calls the Police.


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