Ronnie Burgess is taken to hospital. Brian has to make a statement. Audrey fancies a day shopping with Elsie, so she phones Mike and tells him that Elsie is ill and won't be in work. Ivy hears from the factory girls that Brian has been involved in a fight and she fears he's been hurt. She is relieved to find he's alright. Alf wants to take a holiday but doesn't want to leave the shop as Deirdre is only part-time now. Gail tells Tony Ditchburn where Audrey is staying, knowing that Audrey wants him back. He calls at No.11. Elsie tells him that he's got a cheek turning up after he's hit Audrey. Mike fears Frankie will marry Sylvie Hicks. Audrey is stunned when Tony tells her that he doesn't want her, and that's why he threw her out. The only thing he wants is his car back. She is furious and throws the keys at him. Frankie buys Sylvie a mink. Mike tells him to be careful that Sylvie doesn't spend all his money. Frankie doesn't care; he's having a good time. Audrey looks for a job. Alf asks her to run the shop for him whilst he holidays. She accepts. Brian is proclaimed a hero but discovers that Ronnie is critical in hospital and is still unconscious.


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