Gail fears that Brian will be sent to prison. Mike makes his dislike of Sylvie Hicks show. Audrey fails to take the shop as a priority and makes her hours very flexible. Stan receives a letter from Hilda wanting to buy the round for him. He is appalled. Eddie finds the situation hysterical. Stan tells Hilda that it is his round; he doesn't want to spend another winter cleaning windows. She tells him she doesn't like her life either. Ivy grows hysterical at the news that Brian has been arrested. Frankie decides to throw a party at Mike's flat. Audrey closes the shop to be with Gail when she hears of Brian's arrest. Mike is annoyed as Frankie's party takes over his flat. He tells Sylvie that she's a gold digger. Bert gets a summons to appear in court. Ivy doesn't understand where they've gone wrong as a family.


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