Vera organises a donation box towards Brian's legal fees. Bet thinks that she is responsible for getting most of the tips in the Rovers. Betty thinks she's got a cheek. Brian has to appear as a witness against Ronnie Burgess at his trial and then appear in court himself, charged with unlawful wounding. Mike gets the girls to work through their lunch hour to get an important order out to Johnson's. Bert is annoyed that Jack is so cheerful about his moonlighting. Bet sets out to prove to Betty that she gets the most tips. Fred is furious when Eunice orders £60 curtains. Ivy lets it slip to Gail and Brian that Bert is going to court as well as Brian. Bernard Clough takes the completed order to Hartlepool only to discover Johnson's has gone bust. Bet introduces separate glasses for tips to see who gets the most, hers being a pint glass, Betty's is half a pint while Fred is given a shorts glass.


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