Mike is horrified to discover Johnson's have closed down. Brian celebrates his twenty-third birthday. He is determined to enjoy himself. Fred flirts with Audrey, annoying Eunice. Mike discovers Peter Johnson has run his business down. He is annoyed with himself for not finding out sooner. He starts looking around for another buyer. Bet dresses up in order to win more tips. Fred and Betty are annoyed at her smugness. Audrey stirs things between the Gees by telling Eunice she thinks Fred is sexy. No one wants Johnsons' order. Audrey and the Tilsleys throw a party for Brian and they forget their troubles with wine. Gail makes a birthday cake. Betty refuses to speak to Bet and uses Fred as a go-between. Annie tells the staff the situation has become unbearable and in the future all tips must be shared. Bet is pleased as she's proved her point.


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Vera Duckworth: "Well I mean, trouble does seem to follow yer, Ivy."

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