Eunice doesn't want to spend long living in a council flat. Fred finds Debbie Nuttall and boyfriend Jeff Walters snogging in the Rovers' Snug. John Spencer tries to escape the arguments at home as his mother's boyfriend hits him. Audrey asks Alf to take her to the wrestling. He fears that she'll go out with another man if he doesn't agree and asks Deirdre to work late. She tells him that she's not a mug and walks out, giving her job up. George Carter asks Elsie to work with him on the markets, running a stall for him. He tells her that she's got the knack. She is interested but asks for time to think it over. Eunice is pleased to see Debbie. John sneaks into No.9 behind Rita's back. Elsie is tempted by the money but doesn't like the idea of working outdoors. Debbie tells Eunice that her dad has thrown her out. Eunice takes her in despite Fred's protests. Debbie demands that Jeff stays with her. Mrs Spencer asks the Faircloughs if they've seen John as he's disappeared. Rita worries that he's alright.


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