Fred is forced to sleep on the sofa as Debbie Nuttall sleeps with Eunice. John Spencer spends the night in his old room at No.9. The Faircloughs find him. He tells them that he wants to stay with them but they tell him that he must return. Mrs Spencer takes him home and makes it clear to the Faircloughs she doesn't want them to see John again. Elsie tells George Carter she won't be able to cope with the market work and refuses his offer. Audrey expresses an interest and talks it over with George. She realises that she can't leave Alf in the lurch. Debbie and Jeff Walters search for a flat of their own. Mrs Spencer and her boyfriend Bill Sutton call on the Faircloughs. Bill accuses them of luring John away from home and tells them that they'll never see John again. Len throws them out of the house when Bill threatens to report them to the fostering people. Debbie and Jeff get a flat just off Rosamund Street. Eunice is horrified that her daughter is going to live in sin. Fred doesn't care so long as they leave the Community Centre flat. Eunice tells Debbie that she'll have to stay with her until she's married.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Len and Rita Fairclough get a shock when they discover an unexpected guest hiding in their home. Will Elsie Tanner and Audrey Potter work the markets with new acquaintance George Carter?
  • Viewing Figures: 13,311,000 - (chart placing unknown - This episode failed to make the top ten in the charts due to being scheduled against an England v Hungary World Cup qualifying match on BBC1 which gained 15,500,000 million viewers).
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