Stan and Hilda are tempted by the £8,000 but realise they need a house. They decide to try for a council house. Fred is forced to tell Ken that Eunice has left him. Mavis waits for Bobby Simpson to contact her. Stan offers Alf money to secure a council house for them. Alf throws him out. Stan goes to the Town Hall and is allocated a three bedroomed house on Lime Kiln Road for £10 a week. Elsie tells Hilda that the road is in a rough area and she returns the Bells' cheque, deciding not to sell. Betty urges Fred to fight for his marriage.


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Elsie Tanner (to Hilda Ogden): "Lime Kiln Road! Have you seen it lately? They've pulled down decent houses and built a slum. Even the muggers go in twos. If you get bit by a budgie you have to go to the vet to be injected for rabies."

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