Deirdre invites Emily for Christmas and she is delighted to accept. Fred goes to the Park View Hotel and tells Eunice that he loves her and pleads with her to make a new start together. She tells him that she's tired of struggling. He goes for Critchley accusing him of taking his wife off him. Eunice tells Fred she likes Critchley more than him. Mavis goes to the wholesalers to see Bobby Simpson but comes back upset to say that he isn't interested in her. Rita tells Mavis that Bet took her place on the date. Fred realises that his marriage is over. He is grateful when Annie offers him his old room back. Albert feels unwelcome in his own home. Fred moves back into the Rovers. Hilda is upset when Stan gives her an air freshener as a Christmas present. Deirdre feels sorry for lonely Alf and invites him for Christmas, pleasing Albert. Mavis gets drunk and tells Bet what she thinks of her. Emily receives a letter from Arnold's solicitor asking to see her.


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