Bert starts work at Longshaw's Foundry. Chairman of the Licenced Victuallers, Gerald Bannister, agrees to escort Annie to the banquet. Ron Sykes tells Brian that he needs his decision on Qatar as soon as possible. Brian is keen but needs to convince Gail. Annie orders Fred to chauffeur Bannister and her to the banquet. Vera gets an electric shock from her sewing machine after Alec has mended it. Mike takes her to hospital for a check-up. Mike tells Alec that he's not paying for his work and won't employ him again. The hospital clears Vera. She considers suing Mike. Bannister backs out of the banquet at the last minute. Fred borrows Alf's dinner suit and Annie is forced to take him with her. Gail realises that Brian will have to go to Qatar and puts a brave face on the situation.


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