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Episode 217 (9th January 1963)

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Episode 217
Production code P228/217
ITV transmission date 9th January 1963 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Writer John Finch
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Max Morgan-Witts
Producer H.V. Kershaw
Previous episode 7th January 1963
Next episode 14th January 1963


Ena and Elsie spread their rumour. Jed can't get rid of his stock of Cyprus sherry. When black conductor Johnny Alexander accuses Len of not paying his fare, Harry sides with Len and reports Johnny. Jack buys the sherry so that Jed can pay his rent. Elsie and Ena are amazed at the gullibility of the residents. Frank hears the news and is upset. Elsie and Ena realise they should have told him about the joke.


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