Eddie fears that Marion will drop him when he tells her the truth. Sharon spends the day organising the records at The Kabin and is thoroughly bored. Eddie entertains Marion to a meal at the flat and tells her that she means a lot to him. She tells him that she doesn't want to see him again as he's too rich for her and the flat makes her feel uncomfortable. Eddie thinks it's hysterical and tells her the truth about his life. Marion tells him that she'll still go out with him if he's telling her the truth. Gail buys a new dress with some of the money Brian has sent home, Ivy isn't impressed. Sharon goes out with a girlfriend but refuses to tell the Faircloughs where she's going. Rita wins her round by doing her make-up to make her look less tarty. Eddie gets Fred to insult him to prove to Marion that he's only a grotty binman. She is delighted. Elsie refuses to commit herself with Wilf.


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