Fred tarts himself up for his massage. Elsie uses her state of Coventry to insult the other girls as they can't reply. Annie thinks it's wonderful that Fred is expecting a Swedish massage. Bet and Annie try not to laugh as Nipper Harris sets upon Fred. Wilf threatens to resign unless the order is reinstated. Nipper tells Annie there's nothing wrong with Fred after he's pulled him all over the bed. Elsie tricks Vera into speaking to her. The mood is broken to everyone's delight. Fred tells Annie that Nipper has put him back weeks. Annie tells him that he'd have to give up the Rovers if he's got a suspect back. Webster's calls Wilf's bluff and accepts his resignation. He plans to make a new start and asks Elsie to take him in, she refuses; she can't make a big commitment to him. Fred returns to work.


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