Mavis dreams of going on a cruise with Derek. Gail lands a job interview on her birthday. Jack pesters Bet but she's too tired to see him off. Gail has to type a test letter. The interviewer, Mrs Rigby, tells her that she is very impressed with her letter of application however Gail's test letter is awful and she admits that a friend typed the application letter. The interviewer accuses her of wasting her time. Jack tries to get Bet into bed. She's put off because he's married. He tells her that they'll be good together and she gives in to his advances. Gail tries to explain to Ivy why she needs to get out of the house but Ivy tells her that she ought to put Nicky first. Gail tells her it's none of her business. Mavis tells Derek she's delighted about the cruise but she is horrified when he tells her that it's his sister he's taking. He gave her the brochures as he valued her opinion. She throws the brochures at him. Vera tells Bet that she's going out with her fancy man, Vic.


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