Jackie Moffatt looks after Nicky as Gail returns to work at the cafe. Bet enjoyed her night out with Jack and is keen to continue seeing him so long as no one finds out. Vera tells Bet that she had a great night out with Vic. When Jack tackles Vera about her whereabouts she tells him she was with Bet, he tells her that she's a liar; he spent the evening with Bet. Ivy is furious to find Gail working in the cafe and tells her that she has no need to as Brian is sending lots of money home. Vera goes for Bet in the Rovers, accusing her of having a joke at her expense. Bet calls her a hypocrite. Vera tells Bet to get back to the gutter. Annie throws Vera out and blames Bet for attracting the row. Bet tells Jack that he's daft for telling Vera about them, she refuses to see him anymore. Vera dumps Jack's clothes on the Rovers' bar and tells him that she's throwing him out.


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