Vera is shocked to find Jack living with the Tilsleys. Marion enjoys being in love with Eddie. Having Jack around depresses the Tilsleys. They decide they don't want to be lumbered with either Jack or Vera and conspire to get them together. Elsie is surprised that Marion is such a nice person. Bert and Ivy get Vera and Jack together for their teas. Ivy tells them that their marriage is worth fighting for. Deirdre is suspicious of teenager Raymond Attwood as he throws money about. Jack and Vera refuse to be reconciled and insult each other. Ivy tries to do some marriage guidance on them. She tries to find out why Jack felt the need to flirt with Bet. Ivy tells Vera and Jack that they both want attention and they need each other. She urges them to work at their marriage and not neglect each other. Jack and Vera are reconciled. Deirdre tells Ken about Attwood's spendings and asks him to tell the Police but Ken refuses to get involved.


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