Betty is in Weatherfield General. Bet rushes to her side. Fred is furious that she was a victim. Ivy has told Brian that Gail is back at work. He rings Gail and rows with her. Betty has a broken arm and a battered face. She tried to fight the muggers for her handbag but they kicked her. Eddie is furious to discover Stan didn't pass on Marion's message and she thinks he stood her up. Deirdre visits Betty in hospital and is sickened when Ken still refuses to tell the police about Raymond Attwood. Eddie lays into Stan for ruining his chances with Marion. Marion forgives him. Gail refuses to hold the fort at the cafe alone and threatens to walk out when she does. Deirdre tells the police about Attwood's new found wealth. Eddie tells Marion he has been in prison. She tells him it makes no difference to her. He builds up enough courage to suggest they get engaged. She agrees.


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