Episode 2206
Episode 2206
Production code P694/1206
ITV transmission date 24th May 1982 (Monday)
Stories by Peter Tonkinson
Esther Rose
Writer Leslie Duxbury
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Charles Kitchen
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 19th May 1982
Next episode 26th May 1982


The Ogdens have £56 towards a new suite. Eddie offers to get them a new suite from a junk shop but Hilda wants one from a store. Mike discovers that his Wages Clerk has overpaid the machinists and is furious. He tells the girls that he'll be stopping the money from their wages. Hilda and Stan go to a store and decide to buy a £299 suite on easy terms. Mike asks Emily to work at the factory as his new wages clerk. She is delighted to accept. Hilda is horrified when they are refused Hire Purchase at the store as neither of them have a bank account and Stan won't divulge information about his earnings. Emily is pleased when Mike says that she doesn't have to work in Ernie's old office. Mike is flattered by Maggie Dunlop's attention as she's got style.


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Guest castEdit



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