Rita and Sharon decide they want No.7 and set about persuading Len. Ivy persuades Emily to cover up for Cleopatra spilling the coffee but she is forced to show Mike a coffee-stained order sheet and tells him about Cleopatra. He goes after the cat and is furious when she rips his jacket. Eddie and Marion look round No.7. They both like it but Marion doesn't want to rush the engagement. Eddie is disappointed. Vera is ill and Jack collects her wages from Emily. Sharon lets it slip to Len that Rita wants No.7. Len tells her that he wants to make a big profit on the house for them both; using the money as a deposit on a nicer house in the country. Rita doesn't believe him. Vera is furious to find Emily has given her wages to Jack. Jack pays off his road tax using the money. Vera goes for Jack with her handbag, providing Street entertainment. Mike takes Cleopatra to the RSPCA.


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