Episode 2223
Episode 2223
Production code P694/1223
ITV transmission date 21st July 1982 (Wednesday)
Stories by Peter Tonkinson
Esther Rose
Writer Adele Rose
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Eugene Ferguson
Producer Pauline Shaw
Bill Podmore
Previous episode 19th July 1982
Next episode 26th July 1982


Frankie leaves Mike £3,000 and he decides to give Sylvie Hicks £500. Rita points out to Len that after estate agent's charges and tax he might as well sell No.9 instead of No.7. Len gives in and tells Rita she can have No.7. Maggie tries to dissuade Mike from giving Sylvia £500. Ivy and Gail throw a farewell party for Brian. Rita tells Chalkie that he can buy No.9. Maggie falls out with flatmate Kathy whose boyfriend is always around. Mr Slater tells Len that he'd like to buy No.7 for £13,750. Len agrees but Rita is horrified. Brian tells Gail that he's not going back to Qatar; his family is more important than money. Gail is thrilled. Mike invites Maggie to move in with him. She agrees.


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