Episode 2224
Episode 2224
Production code P694/1224
ITV transmission date 26th July 1982 (Monday)
Stories by Peter Tonkinson
Esther Rose
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Oliver Horsbrugh
Producer Pauline Shaw
Bill Podmore
Previous episode 21st July 1982
Next episode 28th July 1982


Rita reluctantly shows the Slaters around the house and they have a survey carried out. Fred is annoyed when Annie refuses to let him go to the bookies. Ivy is shocked to find Brian's still in England. She is thrilled that he's staying. Fred gives Mavis £15 and instructions to put a bet on. Ron Sykes is furious when Brian tells him that he's not returning. Chalkie is horrified to hear No.9 is no longer for sale. He accuses Len of taking him for a ride. Maggie moves into Mike's flat. Mr Slater's surveyor down values the house at £12,250. Len refuses to lower the price of the house so Slater withdraws from the sale. Fred's horse loses. Ron tells Brian that he's signed a contract for work and the employers aren't going to be pleased. Ron knows he's going to be blamed and tells Brian to return to Qatar.


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