Mavis receives a letter from the Palace thanking her for her jumper. She worries as Harry appears to be unwell. Fred watches horse racing on Annie's TV, putting it on the bar top. "Harry" lays an egg, Mavis realises "he" must be a girl. Ron Sykes shows Brian round a garage on Albert Street. It has been empty for fifteen years and is going cheap. Ron wants to rent it and asks Brian to come into partnership with him, 60-40. Brian is interested. Mavis renames Harry "Harriet". Brian will have to invest all his money, £2,000, in the garage to make it a success. Annie is annoyed to find her TV on the bar top. Fred tells her he brought in down for a customer. Eddie tells Mavis that the egg won't hatch unless it's been fertilised. She refuses to believe him and feels it will hatch if kept warm. Sammy Chadwick turns up in the Rovers and tells Fred he owes him £85 and he's closing his credit account. He wants repaying in the morning.


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