Customers pull out of the garage because of Mr McKellar's notice. Mike thinks that Maggie would feel better if they were married so he proposes to her. Brian takes the notice down. Frank Skinner tells him that he's being too soft with McKellar. Annie is intrigued to see Fred with the posh Mrs Chadwick. She tells Fred it's obvious that they're having an affair and advises him to finish with her. She gives him the lighter to give to Mrs Chadwick and Fred agrees to finish his "affair". Brian tells McKellar that he got the job he paid for and tells him to remove the car. McKellar tells him that he's a conman. Gail is upset to see Brian bullying McKellar. Maggie tells Mike that she can't marry him; she doesn't love him. He accuses her of using him. She leaves the flat when he insists that she keeps the baby.


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