Ivy puts Milly Webster up as she stays over. Mike tells Ivy that Milly is poisonous. Ivy tells him that Milly thinks the London factory is in trouble, not them. Rita is sad that Sam Littlewood has died a few weeks ago. Milly threatens Mike with a strike in London. She wants the girls to strike with them. Sharon tries to seduce Brian but he isn't interested. Ivy feels that the London girls should sort their own problems out. The girls accuse her of siding with management. Elsie thinks Mike's trying to transfer the business to Weatherfield as he wants to close the London factory down. The majority of workers vote against the strike, thinking Elsie is right. Eddie fears Annie will bring in the police over her watch. He visits Billy Nelson's fence, Monkey Gibbons, and looks through his stuff. He finds Annie's watch and Marion's ring. Milly can't believe the girls won't support her. She tells the girls they're chicken. Emily tells the girls that the report favoured them and not London. Eddie tells Hilda that Billy was on the run from the police and tells her that he stole Annie's watch. Hilda "finds" the watch in Annie's kitchen. Annie is delighted. Eddie plants Marion's ring in the sugar basin. Marion is delighted when she finds it.


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