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Episode 2250 (25th October 1982)

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Episode 2250
Episode 2250
Production code P694/1250
ITV transmission date 25th October 1982 (Monday)
Stories by Peter Tonkinson
Esther Rose
Writer Adele Rose
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Charles Kitchen
Producer Pauline Shaw
Bill Podmore
Previous episode 20th October 1982
Next episode 27th October 1982


Rita guesses that Sharon is in love. Craig's pigeons arrive. He is warned not to let them out of their basket. Brian tells Sharon to leave him alone as he's happily married. She tells him that she loves him and is willing to share him with Gail. Hilda starts work for the Lowthers. Brian tries to get out of going out with Gail as he doesn't want Sharon to babysit. Len doesn't like living next door to pigeons and complains to Chalkie. Rita worries that a lad is making Sharon unhappy.


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