Episode 2251
Episode 2251
Production code P694/1251
ITV transmission date 27th October 1982 (Wednesday)
Stories by Peter Tonkinson
Esther Rose
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Charles Kitchen
Producer Pauline Shaw
Bill Podmore
Previous episode 25th October 1982
Next episode 1st November 1982


Someone lets Craig's pigeons loose. Sharon tells Brian she's got a photo of him. He tells her that he wants it back and tries to take it from her. Gail sees them struggling together and realises what has been going on. Brian tries to tell her that nothing has been going on but she takes the picture off Sharon. She realises that Sharon has flung herself at Brian and he hasn't been able to refuse her. Mavis enjoys her English Literature course at the Community Centre. Chalkie accuses Len of letting the pigeons loose. Len throws him out. Phyllis admits that she let the pigeons out. Chalkie accuses her of interfering in their lives. Gail tells Brian that she believes nothing happened between him and Sharon. Chalkie apologises to Len for accusing him. Len gives him a lift to Wigan to see if the pigeons have returned to their original owner. Gail tells Rita that Sharon is in love with Brian. She wants her to sort Sharon out. Debbie Nuttall calls on Fred. She tells him that Critchley has been knocking Eunice about and needs his help. Fred feels it's nothing to do with him. Debbie reminds him that he's still her husband.


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