Brian thinks that Sharon will grow out of fancying him without his intervention. Sharon is upset that Rita won't let her see Brian. Elsie enjoys going out with new salesman boyfriend Geoff Siddall. Rita tells Sharon that Brian doesn't love her. Sharon refuses to believe it. Fred and Eunice go to the hotel to fetch her bags. Fred fears that Ben Critchley will become violent. He is shocked when Critchley is charming and gives him the bags. Eunice tells Fred that Critchley didn't really hit her and wants him to have her back. He tells her that he has no feelings left for her. Sharon calls on Brian at the garage and begs him to stop everyone splitting them up. Brian tells her that he doesn't love her and doesn't want her. He makes it clear that he's not going to throw his marriage away for her. He throws her out of the garage, causing her to tell him that he's horrible. Fred drops Eunice at her fathers' house and tells her they're finished for good. Sharon breaks down and tells Rita that it's over. She is forced to tell Len about her crush on Brian. Len is furious and thinks Brian has been interferring with her. Rita tells him that Brian was innocent.


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