Victor Pendlebury and Mavis decide to enter stories in a radio writing competition. Bob Whitely fancies Deirdre. Elsie enjoys going out with Geoff Siddall as he drives an expensive car. Bet tells Bob that it's her night off and she'd like to see him. She wears her tartiest top to impress him but he is more interested in Deirdre. On finding Deirdre is married, he decides Bet will do. Bet is pleased when Bob invites her round to No.9. She arrives to find the entire family watching TV and is forced to join them. Victor gives Mavis his story to read. She finds it very strong and envies his worldly experiences. He suggests they collaborate on a story for the radio competition. She thinks it's a good idea. Eddie tells Geoff that he has £1,000 and would like to invest it. Geoff tells him that he has a private venture going on and offers him a share in it.


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