Geoff Siddall plans a trip to Belgium to collect some cars. He asks Elsie to come with him. Chalkie throws a "welcome home" party for Bob. Eddie wants to invest his £1,000 in Geoff's business but Marion feels that it's too risky. Phyllis gatecrashes Bob's party, much to Chalkie's annoyance. Chalkie makes a play for Bet at the party whilst Bob chats Deirdre up. Mavis and Victor clash over how to end their short story. Mavis wants a happy ending but Victor wants it left in the air. Eddie gives Geoff a cheque for £1,000 to invest in his business but he doesn't want Marion to know. Bet makes progress with Bob at the party. Craig interrupts their intimate moments until Bet threatens to kill his pigeons. She is stunned when Bob announces that he's leaving the Navy and has decided to emigrate to Australia, and take Craig with him. Phyllis and Chalkie are horrified.


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