Ken convinces Chalkie that there would be more opportunities for Craig in Australia. Geoff Siddall's boss tells Elsie that Geoff has left the country, taking company funds with him. Elsie breaks the news to Marion. Mavis and Victor tune in to Radio Weatherfield to listen to their story but are annoyed when Len and Rita make fun of it. Elsie is furious that her holiday has been cancelled. Marion is distressed as they've lost their savings. Marion rows with Elsie for picking up Geoff in the first place. Mavis is relieved that no one else has remembered to listen to the story. Chalkie tells Craig that it would be in his best interests to emigrate. Bob is pleased. Eddie is stunned to discover Geoff has run off with his money. Marion tells Eddie that he's a failure and they might as well finish for good. She tells him to stay out of her life.


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