Deirdre is touched when Ray Langton sends Tracy a Christmas present. Ken annoys her by saying that Ray should face up to his responsibilities more often. Mavis is cool towards Emily and Victor, especially when Victor tells her that Emily is a wonderful person. Rita advises Mavis to fight for her man. Elsie tells Mike that Maggie has married Harry Redman. He is stunned. He doesn't like the idea of another man bringing his child up. Mavis accuses Emily of monopolising Victor. Emily gets annoyed and tells her that she gave Victor some supper. Annie discovers that Nellie Harvey is throwing a party for her staff and decides to throw one herself. Bet tells Fred that they'll have to buy each other presents. Mavis refuses to drink with Victor. He is flattered by her jealousy. She tells him that he's a rotten writer and she never wants to see him again.


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