Episode 2276
Episode 2276
Production code P694/1276
ITV transmission date 24th January 1983 (Monday)
Stories by Peter Tonkinson
Esther Rose
Writer H.V. Kershaw
Designer Geoffrey Bentley
Director Jeremy Summers
Executive Producer Bill Podmore
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 19th January 1983
Next episode 26th January 1983


Deirdre returned home at 1.00am. Ken goes for the job interview and tells Deirdre that he'll take her out for a meal to celebrate afterwards. Mike invites her out for a meal the next day - she agrees. Suzie Birchall hitches a lift to Weatherfield from London and arrives on Gail's doorstep. Eddie reverses the binwagon into Annie's Rover after Fred drives it round the corner of the Rovers. The front of the car is smashed in but no one witnessed the smash. Eddie accuses Fred of driving the car into the van. Annie is horrified that the Rover has been damaged. Fred takes the car to Brian. Brian tells him that it'll cost and he can't start work until the insurance company gives the go-ahead. Ken enjoys the interview and is confident. Brian tells Suzie that she can sleep on their sofa. Gail isn't too sure.


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