Marion feels that Suzie is a cheap tart and doesn't like sharing a bedroom with her. Chalkie has a relapse and has to stay off work. Phyllis hears a rumour that the Council are going to knock her street down. Betty is ill with a virus leaving the Rovers short-staffed. Emily walks out of the Rovers when she's caught between Mike and Ken. She tells Mike that he's behaving outrageously; he's putting a marriage and a child's future at risk. She begs him to stop the affair. Mike tells her that he wants more from Deirdre than a casual fling. Emily urges him to consider Tracy. Phyllis is told her house is going to be flattened and she has to move. Fred discovers Suzie has bar experience and asks her to join the Rovers. She agrees. Deirdre tells Mike that she still intends on seeing him.


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