Suzie's workshy attitude gets to Marion. Fred skives off work to retrieve the Rover. He finds it has been taken from where he left it. PC Maskall of the Police informs him they had to impound it as it was in a bus terminal. He has to pay £43 to get it back. Marion finds it impossible to have any time alone in No.11. Mike wines and dines Alf and Len, telling them that he's bought the old warehouse on Rosamund Street with Alec Yardley and is going to turn it into a wine and disco bar. He knows there's going to be opposition and asks for their support. Marion is annoyed when Suzie wears her clothes and tells her that she's sick of living in a tip. Suzie refuses to change. Alf and Len agree to support Mike's club venture. Marion tells Elsie she can't cope with Suzie in the house and wants her out.


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