Episode 2295
Episode 2295
Production code P694/1295
ITV transmission date 30th March 1983 (Wednesday)
Stories by Peter Tonkinson
Esther Rose
Writer Tony Perrin
Designer Geoffrey Bentley
Director Eugene Ferguson
Executive Producer Bill Podmore
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 28th March 1983
Next episode 4th April 1983


Elsie suggests that one of the girls moves into the front parlour of No.11. Hilda sees plans of the Street at Mike's flat. He tells her that he's building an ice rink there. Marion agrees to move into the parlour as it hasn't been used for years, leaving Suzie in the spare bedroom. Bet finds Fred is keeping a list of how much he's spent on Maureen Slater. Marion tells Eddie that she's decided to return to Bury and stay with her mum. Alf warns Mike that the Town Hall may cause trouble because of parking. Mike is confident that no one will oppose him. Fred takes Maureen for a meal at the Lord Nelson pub. Eddie turns the front parlour into a love nest and proves to Marion that they'd be happy in the room. Suzie celebrates having a room of her own but soon becomes jealous of the cosiness in the parlour. Maureen tells Fred that she has a twelve-year old daughter. When he drives her home, she asks him to drive her babysitting aunt home, eight miles out of Warrington. Maureen tells him not to bother returning. Fred tells her that she's too expensive for him and dumps her. The Barlows don't like the idea of having a disco in the Street. Ken feels the business has been kept too quiet.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Annie Walker: "Women or horses. It seems to be Fred's fate to pick losers."

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