Mavis is depressed on her forty-sixth birthday. Victor cheers her up by saying that he'll visit her. Len lends his tools to a keen lad, Roy Valentine, who does jobs for his mother. Victor tells Mavis he's taking her on a camping holiday in the Lakes as a birthday treat. Ken is interviewed by the Gazette, telling them that the Councillors have lost the residents' views. It's obvious he's getting at Alf, accusing him of being more concerned with business profits. Alf is furious to read Ken's interview. He tells him that he'll not stop him supporting the disco. Mavis feels that Victor's tent is very small and worries about the sleeping arrangements. He puts the tent up in her flat. Radio Weatherfield invite Alf and Ken to talk about the disco on air. Mavis and Victor try out the tent for size. Mavis doesn't like the idea of sleeping in the open.


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