Suzie tells Elsie that Terry Goodwin has a violent temper and used to beat her up. Elsie doesn't believe her. Terry tells Elsie he loves Suzie. He admits to being depressed over losing his job but now has a new one. He wants Suzie back. He swears that he never laid a hand on Suzie. The Council passes the disco. Mike celebrates. Elsie urges Suzie to stand by her marriage vows. Ken is furious that he's lost the disco battle. Eddie offers to scrub the graffiti off the disco walls for Mike and that gives him the idea of calling the disco the "Graffiti Club". Elsie leaves Suzie with Terry and tells them to make up their differences. Terry asks Suzie to return to him. She tells him that their marriage was a mistake. Later, Elsie returns home to find Suzie with a bruised face. She comforts her.


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