Bet fears a boring Bank Holiday. Fred tries to get Brian to hurry up repairing the Rover's brakes so he can take Bet out for the day. Hilda visits Archie who is taken ill. Marion looks after Stan and Eddie. Bet worries about being alone in the country with Fred so takes Betty along for protection. Elsie tries to bring Suzie out of herself and takes her shopping. Gail lets Fred take the Rover not realising Brian hasn't finished working on it. Fred takes Bet and Betty to Lyme Park. He tries to get Bet on her own but she sticks close to Betty. Terry Goodwin breaks into No.11 and waits for Suzie. Packing up the Rover at the end of the day, Fred slams the boot shut. The car, with Bet and Betty in rolls down a hill. Bet pulls on the handbrake but it comes off in her hand. The car ends up in a lake with the two women still in it.


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Eddie Yeats: "Do you know Stanley, there's three kinds of idle. There's idle, flamin' idle and you!"

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