Maggie Redman has had her baby. Pamela Mitchell asks Ken for his views on the Weatherfield Recorder. He thinks she should stick her neck out more to get the locals to read the paper. She tells him that he has impressed her and wants him to contribute to the Recorder. Terry Goodwin agrees to divorce Suzie. She is annoyed that it's going to be two years before she's free again. Brian retrieves the Rover for Fred and fixes it free of charge. Fred demands a full valeting service done but Brian refuses. Suzie decides to start her life afresh. Ken lays into team captain Dean Matthews for not turning up for a football match before learning his sister was knocked down by a car. Ken is appalled by the number of children run over on Clifton Road. He decides to write a piece for the Recorder. Deirdre warns him to be cautious as he does work for the Council.


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