Ken's article on "Abandoned children" appears in the Weatherfield Recorder. He feels Pamela Mitchell has changed his words and worries that the piece will get him into trouble. Annie puts Suzie onto a job at the "Lord Nelson". The female customers upset Bet by laughing at the idea of video-dating. Hilda worries about her brother Archie Crabtree's health. Bet visits the "Bill & Coo Video Dating Agency" run by Margot Sutcliffe. She views the videos of the agency's men. Alf doesn't like Ken's article and accuses him of having a go at all Councillors now. Bet is startled to find Jack Duckworth on the video, calling himself Vince St. Clair. Suzie gets the job at the Nelson. Hilda is upset as Archie dies of a heart attack. She is now the only one left in her family. Stan comforts her.


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